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What pet stores should I shop at?

The only site on the web where you can locate compassionate pet supply stores that do not sell live animals

Like you, the staff members at Born Free USA were tired of trekking all over town to find a special place to purchase quality companion-animal supplies without supporting the inherent cruelties involved in the retail sale of live animals. That's why we developed this "Pet Supply Locator" — a tool where you can enter a ZIP code (or city) and find those pet supply stores near you who truly care about all animals and do not sell live animals as if they were just mere merchandise.

Many stores have stopped selling dogs and cats — some even helping local shelters adopt animals — but what about all the other animals in the store? Why not stop selling them too? Maybe some stores don't know what's wrong with selling live animals, but we think they should have a very good idea what's wrong, as we found when we investigated more than 60 pet stores in California and could easily see the issues by just walking in.

As we all know, voting with our shopping dollars is one of the strongest ways to send a message. So help us send a message that running a compassionate store is a good business model. Please avoid shopping at stores that sell animals and help us reward those pet supply stores that are doing right by all animals. Help us by:

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